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We tell you about us

23 years in Colombia

Creating Quality Products and Helping Mothers Heads of Households

Productos Naturales Mundo De Oro, SAS

It is a family business founded in 1998, to produce 100% natural and functional products, made from plants, flowers and fruits.

Our high degree of commitment, the talent of our human team through innovation and the development of new products, in addition to our installed capacity, has allowed us to consolidate ourselves in the local, national and foreign markets.


We look for the best in each part of the world, to bring and elaborate our products, characterizing them by regions and customs, with unique and special flavors. Each of our products is a mission, on the one hand, passion and dedication, and on the other, quality and guarantee.

What we do, thinking of the people and for the people, improving consumer alternatives, generating employment for women heads of households, giving dynamic young people the opportunity to acquire experience and we have the collaboration of people over 60 years of age because we believe for their valuable help and experience.

We also contribute to protecting the environment by making our products in the most sustainable way possible. Most of our supplies and packaging are biodegradable.


Leadership: Always present in the face of any change, presenting actions for continuous improvement.

Customer Satisfaction: Our reason for being, we always want our customers to feel satisfied and each time we seek to expand our quality of service.

Innovation: Permanently developing products.
Responsibility: Our main characteristic is to fully comply with quality management processes.

All the packaging of our products are biodegradable and friendly to the environment, in order to achieve a better tomorrow for our children.

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